Mike Posner "I TOOK A PILL IN IBIZA" (live) 

In March of 2016, I had the opportunity to play for Mike Posner alongside some amazing people. We did a couple rehearsals & showcases around LA. It was my first introduction to the live aspect of playing professional. We recorded this live during a rehearsal. I had just driven 3 hours from San Diego & had 2-3 hours of sleep. But the energy in the room was great. After a few video takes, I was noodling on the guitar over the "IBIZA" chords but slower and a bit R&B. Mike sung the tune to the groove i was playing. The cameras kept rolling and the Electric-Only version of this tune was captured. It was never released. 

This is a story about how i kickstarted my career with a Justin Bieber guitar solo. I was asked to share for a 'Your Neighbors' piece for my friend & director Jorge Cuevas. 
I hate this thumbnail. I don't like how hairy i look, i could've tamed the beard a little bit. I should've used proper English terms and not say "like" after every thought. And looking back, I don't like the negative context in which i speak about the older gentlemen who i mentioned. It came out completely wrong.. 
But it was all with the intention of getting a point across & inspiring people. I realize that inspo isn't always pretty, proper, & clean-cut. Sometimes the road to get there can be raw, unfiltered, & ugly... but at least you get there.